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Christofle, a bold leap into The Virtual Economy

Established in 1830, French luxury brand Christofle is renowned for its exceptional silverware, home accessories, and jewellery, meld- ing traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs for nearly two centuries. Known for its commitment to excellence and aes- thetics, Christofle (part of Chalhoub Group) has catered to luxury enthusiasts worldwide.

But could you believe that a legacy silverware brand is selling virtu- al items to teenage youngsters?

Well, in collaboration with Boltable Studio and Prince Clothing, Christofle unveiled a virtual collection on the Roblox virtual gaming platform in 2023 and sold over 50,000 items for people’s avatars in just two months. The 10-item virtual collection, featuring standout pieces like the Christofle Crown and Christofle Sunglasses, fastly became a Roblox sensation.

Working closely with Christofle’s HQ in France, the designs draw inspiration from the brand’s esteemed French lineage, bridging virtual innovation with traditional luxury. As the items continue to gain traction, Christofle’s virtual experiment is proving to be a great fusion of old-world charm and contemporary appeal to address the new generations and further solidify its place in the contemporary luxury market.

This case is the ultimate proof, no matter which industry or product you’re selling, that it’s possible to stay future proof if you’re skating where the puck is going. 📚 This is an excerpt from our book 'The Virtual Economy', discover more and order your copy here.

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